6 months over due: part 2

So Megan and I signed up for a half marathon at Thanksgiving point with some co-worker and it started an obsession. We have signed up for a total of 4 half marathons and a full marathon this summer. Also we bought a play set with our tax return so Thomas and Chris could play safely in our back yard. We've worked on the garden as well and made our house our home over the past year. Christopher is now crawling and cruising on furniture. Thomas got potty trained in a week through Megan's potty training in a day book back in March. Here are some good times:

Many fun days to come.  We love the new play set!

Here we come....
cutie pie

Kitchen is getting cuter all the time

 We love the kitchen hutch

Been working hard on the garden

Someday this will be a big beautiful lilac bush

more garden area
Sunday's are good for Megan, she gets to dress up cute

We love the fuzzy bum crawler

cute kid


I get around quite well now

At the Children's garden

Super cute outfit


up, up and away


anyone home?

We are potty trained

Father and Son's camp out in the backyard

Zoo pic's

Loves his Grandma

Time alone with a marker

Right before the Drop 13 race down Big Cottonwood Canyon.  I did fix my headband!

We both shaved 13 min off our PR
Jeff got 1st place for his age group!

Thanksgiving point half marathon.  Super FUN!!  Our 1st half!

Family support!


6 months over due: part 1

Through a heavy winter, shoveling lots of snow off of our new North facing driveway and praying our grass would make it through the winter, we grew inside our home and made some good memories. Here are some of our good times over the winter since Christmas (our last post).

Birthday Boy Thomas (3) at Thanksgiving Point Museum of Natural History.
Crazy Boys
Cute kid
Thomas likes coloring the water more than the paper. Thanks Nina!

Happy Valentines Day!

Thomas's Shawn the Sheep Birthday Cake.

Best Snow Cave yet in our front yard.

Making furniture, messes and memories.

Excellent hearing w/ bat ears.

Lucky to have the Leprechaun leave a pot of gold!  Thanks Amber! 

Brotherly love
More love

Easter morning with big smiles

They are so cute!
Chris is a great sleeper

Chris found the Pringles while we watched conference

Brush, brush

Thanksgiving Point is so beautiful!

We look spent it was a busy Easter Egg hunt!