New news, New house, New twos

We'll cut to the chase. A cascade of events has led to the following occurrences: Megan found out that she is pregnant with a boy, who is due to be born in August. This caused us to seriously look for more room, hence a house. We found a new home in North Salt Lake, a whole county, mission, city away from the parents. Okay it's 4 miles away but anyway, a home of our own. Thomas turned terrific twos and is quite happy with his new home, and frequent visits from his much loved grandparents. Here are pictures to summarize our events.
We welcome visitors now any time. It helps us keep the house clean =-).

Fun at Discovery Gateway. Thomas loves to climb.
We had a spirit week at work commemorating the 4th year of business. This is my beach bum look. Tourist.
Country/Cowboy day. Best belt buckle ever. I won it baking bread. Bought my get up for $8.50. DI.

Thomas loved the hat. Cute kid.
Little man's ready for a workout.
Patiently waiting for the Easter egg hunt.
We enjoyed a snowy Easter egg hunt and Thomas was a pro.
The hunt started at 9:00am and was done by 9:02am.
Thomas at the new City Creek Center. Lots of fun water.
Sliding down the snakes belly at Hoggle Zoo.
"Eh, it's just a ferocious man eating tiger."
Great gift for a boy who loves balls.
A yearly tradition for Megan's Birthday. Ice Cream Cake.
Dad made Mom a light house ice cream cake. Thomas likes the light (candle).
Mom and Thomas enjoying some cake and ice cream
Now that's a big banana!
Enjoying his Cosco size banana w/ Momma.

Yum Yum
Thomas and Jeff enjoying a home-made igloo.

Thomas and his BFF Scarlette

At Scarlette's Birthday Party
At Thomas's Birthday Party.
Cupcake birthday cakes are great.
Enjoying the packed up boxes as a play ground.
"Hey, can't you see we're eating graham crackers?"
Bed Buddies
 Here's the front of our new house.
 Looking out the front.
Megan's cute decorating comes out with a beautiful kitchen.   
Our first great wall in the dining room. Slowly but surely the decorations will emerge.
 Thomas's cute frog bathroom.
 Future baby boy's room. TBD.
 Master Bedroom
This is what sold the house for Jeff. A nice, deep, tub. Kitties love it too.
 Guest bathroom decorated nicely. The flash reflected, the paint is normal.

Hope you enjoyed!  We are happy and excited about the new home and baby!