Tommy Boy is Home

I know many of you want to see more pictures of our new little buddy, so here you go:

 Jeff gets to have next week off from school because the Physical Therapy Association is having a meeting in San Diego. So that will be nice to have that time to spend with little Thomas Jefferson Muhn. It will also give him time to catch up on homework. Megan's mom has been a lot of help this week and has made it possible for us both to have some sleep. We've received some meals from friends and are doing good. Life is changing and we are learning by experiencing. More pictures will be taken next week when Jeff is home. He takes more pictures. 3 comments

Thomas Jefferson Muhn

His official name is Thomas Jefferson Muhn, after his grandpa and father.

As some of you know we were bouncing around with the idea of Samuel Addison Muhn but Megan couldn't get over the fact that he would be a Sammuhn (Salmon). So we have ourselves a little Tommy Boy, just like my favorite movie. We'll call him Tom most of the time I'm sure. He's doing very well and after his bath, his hair really showed it's length! Like 1 inch everywhere. Just the cutest thing ever. Is sleeping very well right now. Woo Hoo. 6 comments

Our Baby Boy is Born

At 7:04 pm, Sunday, February 7th, our little baby boy was born with a full head of brown hair. He weighed 8 lb. 6 oz. and was 21 in. long. We'll post pictures and have a name for him tomorrow. Thanks for everyone's love and support. 0 comments

Megan's Love

So any day now our baby boy will arrive. And although we haven't settled on a name, Jeff knows what he likes, he will be brought into this world with lots of love. We hope seeing him will bring some divine intervention and we'll just know, from a list of predetermined names. Thanks for everyone's support. We'll keep you posted.
Here is a picture of the most pregnant Megan ever was. In the hospital 2/7/10 12pm. Sorry Megan, I had to post this picture


In the last month and a half, we have done some work to get the nursery ready. Jeff learned some new thing about wood working, and Megan learned the importance of sanding furniture really well the first time so you don't have to two more times. We fixed up a crib and a changing table that were so graciously given to us by Megan's mom, Kim.

With the changing table, I took out the bottoms, sometimes with anger and a saw, and cut new ones so now it will last for a long time. Lots of TLC. And after some more sanding, painting and finishing, here is the final product of our labors:
Oh yeah, Kim and Jeff made a shelf also you can see in the background. We'll hang that up today and hang a quilt on it (and safety pin the quilt so we're safe). Thanks to Russ, Jeff's sister's husband, for painting the first coat while visiting for New Years.
So that's our nursery. Megan has organized clothes into the changing table now and we got all kinds of sweet gifts from her baby showers. Thanks to all who came and all the wonderful gifts. And thanks to Heidi and Jason for the best baby shower cake ever: