Don't leave Thomas Behind

So I thought I would post some of Thomas and pre-Christopher birth stuff before our blog becomes the Christopher blog. So enjoy some pre-Christopher happiness. The Christopher pictures will be next.
Okay, had to add a Thomas and Christopher photo first.

Big brother loves his baby.

Lagoon, It's what Fun is!
Thomas w/ Talmage getting ready to fly.
Thomas & Michael at West Fest
Thomas got a new bed so Christopher could have the crib.
 He loves his new bed and his dinosaur blanket.

But he doesn't always use his bed. Loves Books.

Classic side profile before baby Chris was born.

Little Explorer.

Dad, Thomas and cousin Spencer went camping.

This is camping.

Can I have S'More?

New race track. Thanks Nana!

Love Bowling for Free

Okay, Thomas Cheats. He's only 2.

Thomas Loves Strawberries.

Family Fun Getaway to Midway.

Thomas Climbed this all by himself. Big slides at Kangaroo Zoo.

Hot Springs. Don't need a fence to keep us out of that water.


Running (Tulip Festival)

Oh yeah, we're cool.

New table to fill our dinning room.

Megan doin' some cookin'.

Thomas and Dad sleeping in St. George. Rare occasion.

 Just had to fill the picture/memory gap with photos. Happy Pioneer day everyone! Love, Jeff, Megan, Thomas & Christopher.


Christopher Hayven Muhn

We have a new arrival, who came 5 weeks early. Christopher was born at 7:51 am on 7/16/12 weighing in at 5 lbs 5 oz, with a height of 18 1/2 in. He has some light brown hair and is another cute little Muhn boy. Other than watching his low temperature and making sure he eats to gain weight and has something to burn to heat himself up, he's doing well. Megan's water broke around midnight, we finished organizing Chris's room, packed some bags, called the grandparents to watch Thomas and drove to the hospital 1 1/2 hours later. After an epidural and 6 hours of somewhat rest, Megan pushed for 21 minutes and had our second cute baby boy. I know many want to see pictures so here are some to hold you all over for now.