Thomas Love's his Jumper so much. He even sleeps in it.


Little Muhn Family Update Part II: Scottish Days and Other Adventures.

It has been a busy summer so far with Jeff attending his internship at Lakeview Hospital, Scottish Days in Annabela and other random adventures like river rafting, running the Wasatch Back, riding a horse for the first time and Jeff attending his best friend's wedding. Here are some more pictures.

McArthur-Dunn Clan
We also got a new Kitty and named him Spritz:
Jeff had fun at Lakeview Hospital and even got to run the Wasatch Back Race. Good memories.

And that was all done while Jeff was doing his internship. Imagine what we'll do during our break. Megan would say, "You've got to study Jeff," and that will happen, but we will also play hard and visit some family. Thanks for being patient with our updates. Hope they are worth the wait. -Jeff, Megan & Thomas

Little Muhn Family Update Part I

Here is our little Thomas Jefferson's growth.

Thomas trying to jump bail. "Our little jail bird"

He loves his baths.
His favorite way to travel, close to the heart.
Already loving his musicals
Up Close and Personal
Our little grown up ready for golf
Getting bigger everyday. He's now drinking water.
The wonderful world of toys (and self entertainment).
"Daddy, too close"
"My luscious locks have to go!"
"Ah, that's better."
Say goodbye to the party in the back (mullet).
Now that's sharp.
"Thanks Aunt Becky for my first hair cut at 5 months."
Two sharp guys.

And that's how much Thomas has grown. He's now 16 lbs. and 26 inches long.
"I had my two bottom teeth come in at 4 months old."
"I'm eating Rice cereal with apple juice. Yum."