Here is me with the Boys at Camp Tracy. We had a blast. That is my last activity with the 11 yr. old scouts. I just got called as the Young Men's President. And I still think I'm a young man so that should be interesting. It's been a great year working with those boys. Thanks for all the memories. . .

Megan hung out with the girls at Girls camp in Heber. A lot of work and a lot of fun. I got to hike with them one day. Good times.

So I just finished my internship for Physical Therapy at RPT, inc. in Sandy. It was a great 10 weeks. I learned a lot and got a lot of hands on experience. Even had some fun with Water Therapy in the pool. So now my summer break begins. I have a large honeydue list.

I'm also returning to my routine of giving of myself to others. That is plasma donation for money twice a week. Great way to get money while watching a movie, listening to a book on CD, or doing more of my honeydue list. I'll also return to working at FedEx everyday to save up some money while I'm not in school. Hope I can update the blog more. Stay tuned. 2 comments