Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all!! Hope we can visit with many of our friends this season. Call us!

As we prepared to take our Christmas picture together we learned that the camera has a 2 second timer. A 2 SECOND TIMER are you kidding me? Why would you use that? So yeah, this is our learning picture: 2 comments

Marshmallow Fight!!

So we went and visited my sister Nina last weekend. We had fun trying to follow the GPS and having to turn around and go back the normal way after getting stuck in the snow on an unmaintained mountain pass road. It was dark and we really didn't know where it was taking us. Then we had fun going to Ryan and Gabe's elementary play and concert. The rest of the day was spent shooting snowmen, playing the Wii, playing tripoly and other games. It all ended with a giant marshmallow fight. Amazingly we didn't ruin or break anything. As we left for home the next day we discovered we had a flat tire. So we turned around, replaced it with our spare, which luckily is full sized, and drove home through the fog and made it home 3 minutes before the Women's Utah basket ball game started that I worked at. Fun busy weekend!! That's what vacations are for. 0 comments

Nursery & Megan

So Megan and her mom painted the nursery about a month ago. My mom said we had to paint the room white. So Megan chose 3 shades of white. It's beautiful. Now we have to finish painting the crib and changing table. That's on my (Jeff's) honey do list. Then we'll have a very cute Nursery on our hands. 1 comments