Take a weekend for yourself

Yeah, here we are at Bear Lake. We hang out with our friends Karen and Ryan and their parents every now and then here. Great company, nice cabin, fun lake and great food. A nice way to relax during a weekend. Here are some pictures we have taken. 4 comments
Yesterday Megan and I went to the Melting Pot. Ok it's crazy overpriced but a fun once every two years thing we do for our anniversary.

It started with a cheese fondue and then we had a salad. Then we cooked all this meat. I really enjoyed the duck's breast. So yummy. It tasted better than chicken! I wonder if I'll ever look at the ducks at the park the same again. I'll just want to eat 'em. J/K. Fun evening, good food, good company. 4 comments

Little Things That Make Me Happy

I was driving to the Melting pot with Megan yesterday and I thought of something fun to blog about. Some of the littlest things make me happy. Here's my top 10.
1. My wife
2. Making a green (or yellow) light
3. Saving 10 cents on a gallon of gas right before they hike up the prices the next day.
4. My cat Kilikili
5. Getting a great parking spot
6. Playing Ultimate Frisbee & Volleyball
7. Listening to good music (Muse)
8. Playing games (card, board, whatever)
9. Hanging out with family
10. Watching good movies 1 comments

School and Work

Many of our friends have blogs. So why haven't we started a blog 'till now? Well there is one thing that sets us apart for sure. We have no kids. But I've noticed lately that we do have something to write about. But don't expect too much.
Our lives were always school and work but now it's just work. It's a nice change. Well maybe I'm still going to school but it's an internship so it's like work. I enjoy physical therapy and I wish I knew more. But what do you expect after one year. So the studying always continues but now it's for life, not for an exam. I like it that way.
Megan works and just finished all her prerequisites for dental hygiene. So now we are waiting to hear when her start date will be. She would like to go in the same time her sister Sarah does. We'll see.
So stay tuned and we'll see what entertainment we can bring to the world wide web. 3 comments