Christmas and Other Fun

First, other fun. Hair cuts and other poses of Thomas. That's right, it's all about Thomas.
Starting young on the kid.  (Go UTES)

Don't mind the blue jacket

At the Ward camp out


Bath time fun

Thanks Nina and family Thomas loves his toy!

"Does this drape make me look fat?"

"Please don't do it Becky"

What a handsome boy

Sleeping stink bug style

"I found the brownies and they were Delicious"

Helping Dad study
At the Festival of Trees

"Couldn't quite tell Santa what I wanted, good thing he just knows"

Christmas was a blast we enjoyed all the family, food, and friends! 0 comments

A quick Halloween Update

Thomas had his first Halloween and had fun prepping the pumpkins for carving and wearing his kilt again to be a Scottish boy again.
We love our Halloween Tree.

Scary night out with Heidi and Jason. It's tradition.

Jeff heard the call of Halloween and carved some pumpkins.

Thomas in his cute pumpkin outfit. There are some outfits you can only wear for a little while.

"Here you go Daddy"

"I'll pick it up for you"

The preparation is the hardest part.

Showing off our Scottish pride at Jeff's school.

Fun in New Mexico

We visited Jeff's Brother and his wife back in August. Had a blast. Here are some memories. We had to take breaks on the drive there and back for Thomas to snack and play. He was a great traveler for the 7+ hour trips.

Safe and protected on Sam's boat.

On Lake Navajo

The boys cliff jumping

Thomas getting his feet wet. Safely.

Megan jumped in too.

Thomas isn't so sure about the helicopter.

He loved Sarah's piano. The keys light up!!

At the ruins real close to home.

Grindin' old school style.

The boys had fun shooting lots of guns.

Nice shots from about 50 yards.

Thanks for all the Fun Sam & Sarah

He loves his aunt Sarah and Uncle Sam.

Pit stop on the way home.

Tickle tickle in Moab.

It was just fun to visit with Family and take a vacation. Thomas did so well. He somehow knows when we are 10 minutes away from our destination every time and likes to cry when we are sooooo close. Other than that he's a great back seat driver. Stay tuned. We plan to update to Christmas and everything. Sorry for out laziness. Jeff just finished his academic portion of school and has 2 internships left to graduate. Jeff's parents also just got home from their mission in Nova Scotia. Changes and good times.