It's been a while

Sorry we are so slow and far between post.  I guess life just gets busy for all of us.  Jeff is enjoying his job at a Transitional Care Facility in Murray.  He loves being done with school and enjoys finally making money (I enjoy budgeting it). I'm loving taking care of Thomas and we enjoy lots of time outdoors and watching shows.  Thomas is getting so big and is talking and understanding more all the time.  He is my little helper in the kitchen and will listen to me most the time.  I would have to say his favorite time of the day is when Dada gets home from work.  Our next goal is to buy a home so we are saving up and will hopefully have a blog post about it in the next coming year.  It will be great to have our own place and really get decorating! -Megan
Here are some pictures of our little family to enjoy:
Family Pictures at Wheeler Farm (August 2011)

Always happy with Dad!

Too Cute

Beautiful Blue Eyes

Thomas loves Mommy too.

Flying High

Isn't this a great picture!? We love it.



Gotta have a

 So those were our family pictures. Life is great. We'll post again some day.