Now for news about our cat. Kilikili has been catching grass hoppers and dragon flies lately which is great for our garden. He brings them inside and plays with them a while and likes to make sure we know he caught something. We pet him and he purrs and loves it. Well people have been asking why doesn't he catch mice or something more useful. Well I just figured he couldn't find any. A new thing happened this morning. There I am doing homework and I see hear him playing with something. I figure it is a grasshopper again from outside. I look over and this is what I saw:
Warning!! This video may not be suitable for people who care about mice.

Yeah, that's a good kitty!

Bump, Set, Spike Kilikili!!

In other news, my parents are coming home for a week because the Halifax temple is closed. So that will be fun. My foster sister Nina is going to be sealed to us. We got it approved by the first presidency and everything. Pretty exciting!! 0 comments
So we do have some news for the world. Sorry it's been forever since we have posted anything. We are due to have a baby boy in February 2010. We found out just before Megan went to girl's camp over the summer and just found out the sex last Friday. So we are still a married couple without a kid but not for long. Now we have something to talk about. Thanks for stopping by.