Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all!! Hope we can visit with many of our friends this season. Call us!

As we prepared to take our Christmas picture together we learned that the camera has a 2 second timer. A 2 SECOND TIMER are you kidding me? Why would you use that? So yeah, this is our learning picture: 2 comments

Marshmallow Fight!!

So we went and visited my sister Nina last weekend. We had fun trying to follow the GPS and having to turn around and go back the normal way after getting stuck in the snow on an unmaintained mountain pass road. It was dark and we really didn't know where it was taking us. Then we had fun going to Ryan and Gabe's elementary play and concert. The rest of the day was spent shooting snowmen, playing the Wii, playing tripoly and other games. It all ended with a giant marshmallow fight. Amazingly we didn't ruin or break anything. As we left for home the next day we discovered we had a flat tire. So we turned around, replaced it with our spare, which luckily is full sized, and drove home through the fog and made it home 3 minutes before the Women's Utah basket ball game started that I worked at. Fun busy weekend!! That's what vacations are for. 0 comments

Nursery & Megan

So Megan and her mom painted the nursery about a month ago. My mom said we had to paint the room white. So Megan chose 3 shades of white. It's beautiful. Now we have to finish painting the crib and changing table. That's on my (Jeff's) honey do list. Then we'll have a very cute Nursery on our hands. 1 comments

Count Down

So according to our new nifty gadget, Megan has less than 100 days until she delivers. That still feels far away. Baby's movin' around a lot though and we have been listening to his heart with my stethoscope. Sometimes it's hard to find but it's amazing when we do.
For Halloween we dressed up as Paulie Bleeker and Juno from the movie Juno.
Now for news about our cat. Kilikili has been catching grass hoppers and dragon flies lately which is great for our garden. He brings them inside and plays with them a while and likes to make sure we know he caught something. We pet him and he purrs and loves it. Well people have been asking why doesn't he catch mice or something more useful. Well I just figured he couldn't find any. A new thing happened this morning. There I am doing homework and I see hear him playing with something. I figure it is a grasshopper again from outside. I look over and this is what I saw:
Warning!! This video may not be suitable for people who care about mice.

Yeah, that's a good kitty!

Bump, Set, Spike Kilikili!!

In other news, my parents are coming home for a week because the Halifax temple is closed. So that will be fun. My foster sister Nina is going to be sealed to us. We got it approved by the first presidency and everything. Pretty exciting!! 0 comments
So we do have some news for the world. Sorry it's been forever since we have posted anything. We are due to have a baby boy in February 2010. We found out just before Megan went to girl's camp over the summer and just found out the sex last Friday. So we are still a married couple without a kid but not for long. Now we have something to talk about. Thanks for stopping by.


Here is me with the Boys at Camp Tracy. We had a blast. That is my last activity with the 11 yr. old scouts. I just got called as the Young Men's President. And I still think I'm a young man so that should be interesting. It's been a great year working with those boys. Thanks for all the memories. . .

Megan hung out with the girls at Girls camp in Heber. A lot of work and a lot of fun. I got to hike with them one day. Good times.

So I just finished my internship for Physical Therapy at RPT, inc. in Sandy. It was a great 10 weeks. I learned a lot and got a lot of hands on experience. Even had some fun with Water Therapy in the pool. So now my summer break begins. I have a large honeydue list.

I'm also returning to my routine of giving of myself to others. That is plasma donation for money twice a week. Great way to get money while watching a movie, listening to a book on CD, or doing more of my honeydue list. I'll also return to working at FedEx everyday to save up some money while I'm not in school. Hope I can update the blog more. Stay tuned. 2 comments

So the other Sunday we decided to make funeral potatoes. But church was quickly approaching and so we had to shred the boiling hot potatoes. I put on a latex glove but it still burned. Good times. We are cooking more now that we are done with school for the summer.
We'll try to write on our Blog more. Sorry everyone. We love you all. 3 comments

Take a weekend for yourself

Yeah, here we are at Bear Lake. We hang out with our friends Karen and Ryan and their parents every now and then here. Great company, nice cabin, fun lake and great food. A nice way to relax during a weekend. Here are some pictures we have taken. 4 comments
Yesterday Megan and I went to the Melting Pot. Ok it's crazy overpriced but a fun once every two years thing we do for our anniversary.

It started with a cheese fondue and then we had a salad. Then we cooked all this meat. I really enjoyed the duck's breast. So yummy. It tasted better than chicken! I wonder if I'll ever look at the ducks at the park the same again. I'll just want to eat 'em. J/K. Fun evening, good food, good company. 4 comments

Little Things That Make Me Happy

I was driving to the Melting pot with Megan yesterday and I thought of something fun to blog about. Some of the littlest things make me happy. Here's my top 10.
1. My wife
2. Making a green (or yellow) light
3. Saving 10 cents on a gallon of gas right before they hike up the prices the next day.
4. My cat Kilikili
5. Getting a great parking spot
6. Playing Ultimate Frisbee & Volleyball
7. Listening to good music (Muse)
8. Playing games (card, board, whatever)
9. Hanging out with family
10. Watching good movies 1 comments

School and Work

Many of our friends have blogs. So why haven't we started a blog 'till now? Well there is one thing that sets us apart for sure. We have no kids. But I've noticed lately that we do have something to write about. But don't expect too much.
Our lives were always school and work but now it's just work. It's a nice change. Well maybe I'm still going to school but it's an internship so it's like work. I enjoy physical therapy and I wish I knew more. But what do you expect after one year. So the studying always continues but now it's for life, not for an exam. I like it that way.
Megan works and just finished all her prerequisites for dental hygiene. So now we are waiting to hear when her start date will be. She would like to go in the same time her sister Sarah does. We'll see.
So stay tuned and we'll see what entertainment we can bring to the world wide web. 3 comments